A platform built for success

Spring Partners Ltd is an entrepreneurial, progressive and forward-thinking business that manages and develops MGAs on behalf of a wide range of Insurers and Syndicates at Lloyd's. With individual and corporate investors including Aston Lark, the Goldman Sachs backed insurance broker, Spring Partners both purchases and develops MGAs to drive value for all stakeholders.

A progressive shareholder structure where all stakeholder interests are aligned to sustainable profitability

An entreprenerial environment that allows talented underwriters to break free from the usual corporate drudgery that stifles creativity and enjoyment

High quality leadership team that understands the pressures of start-up businesses and that has experience of building and divesting successful MGAs

Helping you grow your own portfolio

"The current market turbulence offers a great opportunity for talented underwriters to work with Spring Partners to carve out a niche for themselves and gain an economic interest in their business."

Jeremy Miles, Chief Executive Officer

We're actively acquiring MGAs

"There are many examples of capacity providers that have entered the MGA market but now find these entities becoming non-core or a distraction. Spring Partners is actively acquiring MGAs, which then benefit from our central service model and guidance to achieve their growth aspirations."

Russell Kilpatrick, Chairman



Partnering with capacity providers

"Capacity provider partnerships are a key priority of our business. Brokers and clients are, of course, vital to the success of any MGA, but we aim to create positive capacity partner relationships over the long term."

Nathan Sewell, Director