An entrepreneurial, progressive and forward-thinking business

Insurers and Syndicates at Lloyd's use Spring Partners, and its progressive shareholder structure, to target individuals and teams or make strategic acquisitions. This creates a perfect partnership where all the interests are aligned to sustainable profitability.


In our experience, there are a number of critical success factors which are individually significant in contributing to the structure of a successful MGA. Omission of one or more of these success factors can significantly inhibit its growth and lead ultimately to the loss of capacity.

Spring Partners combines these critical success factors, drawing on the experience of the management team and the value of our central service model.


Where profitable portfolios of business exist which are no longer practical or desirable for the incumbent to run they could be within appetite for Spring Partners, with the potential for underwriting teams to benefit from an economic interest in the module.


Spring Partners is an exciting destination for underwriters that are keen to drive value in their own businesses. It is a plug and play platform that has the appropriate infrastructure to power the journey to sustained success.

We empower underwriting talent that want to break away from the large corporate world where value is thinly spread and where politics stifles creativity and entrepreneurial freedom.

Our Executive Team understand the MGA model of business. We have built and continue to build successful MGAs. We appreciate the pressures of start-up businesses and have ample experience in M&A as well.
Spring knows how to empower and incentivise insurance professionals that are often restricted by corporate drudgery and political bitterness that drives out creativity, enjoyment and value.

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What we offer

A progressive shareholder structure where all stakeholder interests are aligned to sustainable profitability

An entreprenerial environment that allows talented underwriters to break free from the usual corporate drudgery that stifles creativity and enjoyment

High quality leadership team that understands the pressures of start-up businesses and that has experience of building and divesting successful MGAs